A series of mixes intended for listening
while programming to aid concentration
and increase productivity (also compatible
with other activities).
29: Luke Handsfree

music_for_programming_29-luke_handsfree.mp3 (103mb)

Jacob 2-2 & Pogflipper - Roof Top Paint Drops (excerpt)
cLOUDDEAD - Our Name (excerpt)
Reso - Coronium
Claro Intelecto - Beautiful Death
Clubroot - Birth Interlude
Ross 154 - Hybris II
Oneohtrix Point Never - Remember
Rjyan Kidwell - Toronto Blessing
Konx-Om-Pax - Govanhill Baths Live Recording
Sepalcure - Inside
Goitia Deitz - Speaking In Code
Space Dimension Controller - Unidentified Flying Oscillator
Inigo Kennedy - Daybreak
Meschi - Sur La Route
Alva Noto - Haliod Xerrox Copy 11
Ochre - Sylph
Goitia Deitz - In Tongues
Unknown Artist - Unknown
Miles - Loran Dreams
FractalSCROTE - Suddenly Everything Has Changed... (unreleased)
Blue Calx - Blue Calx
Jeff Mills - Truth to the Chosen One
Buddy Peace - Untitled (Bully Projects Megamix Side A)

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