A series of mixes intended for listening
while programming to aid concentration
and increase productivity (also compatible
with other activities).
28: Big War

music_for_programming_28-big_war.mp3 (111mb)

William Basinski - Untitled VI
Actress - Jardin
M. Geddes Gengras - Splashed Into Mine
Welsh Assembly - Kuala Lumpur
The Sight Below - Fervent
littlecloud - tapeloop2
Gas - Untitled
Kernon - Tek N (edit)
Talk Talk - Taphead
Dettinger - Blond 2
FREnchfire - Rich edit
FREnchfire - Ambient Tech
cLOUDDEAD - Apt. A (2)
Schwarz - Skies 7 Skies 2 Backwards
Secret Face - I Regret Nothing
Blue Daisy x Anneka - Raindrops
Robert Hood - Better Life
Visionist - The Call (feat. Fatima Al Qadiri)
Lorenzo Senni - PowerAge Xion4

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